How to configure XBMC to stream video/music to ipad…


Ok here we go… I know lot of people are giving Media Centers a real thought cause of all the gadgets lying around their house. May be u want to check out a cooking video in your kitchen, watch a podcast or two while you answer nature’s call or just check out a video without sitting down and browsing through your collection on your PC/MAC. Well this “How to” will help you achieve all that and more. For this tutorial I will use XBMC on my Mac to stream the content to my ipad running the XBMC IOS app ( find via Cydia: Links below).

Things You need.


  • A wireless router that supports UPnP ( “Universal plug & play” which most routers support these day).
  • A PC/MAC to host the media center application ( if you are rich- which I am not- you could always go get a Media center box with Wifi like Boxee or something).
  • A device to stream content to (duhhhhh… obviously).


  • Any Media Center application will do. Try XBMC if you haven’t. Its free and looks cool too.
  • You will also need the XBMC app for your iDevice.


  1. Install the Media Center application on your computer.
  2. Now you need to add your content to the media center library. Start the application & go to Video>File>Add Source. Click the Browse button and select the directory where your videos are stored. Click ok. You can use the Add button to add more sources. Keep clicking Ok until you are back to the main menu.
  3. Now you can go back to videos and check if your content folder has been added. Right click the folder and select “Set Content from the menu. Select the type of content. Make sure the “Run automated Scan” & “Scan Recursively” buttons are pressed.
  4. Good work your content is now added or being added to the library. You can browse the content folder and assign info to the various video if you like.
  5. You can turn on Library Mode from the Left popup menu to enjoy a visual spread of your content.
  6. Repeat the same for your music collection.
  7. With all your content added go to the “System” Tab on the main screen.
  8. Go to “Network” tab inside System and press the “Share video and music libraries through UPnP. You are all done on the Computer part.
  9. Now install the XBMC app on your iDevice via Cydia( or whatever other way you use). If you can’t find Cydia on your device you are a fool cause Cydia only comes with jailbreak ( Completely legal if you are wondering).
  10. After you are done. Connect your device to the same network as your computer(Media Center). Fire up the XBMC app.
  11. Go to Videos>Add source. Click Browse and select “UPnP Devices”.
  12. You should see your Media sever along with its IP( Don’t see it: Make sure your computer is connected to your wifi and the application is running on it).
  13. Now its just a matter of Browsing to your content and selecting the proper folders where all your dirty (mostly illegal ) videos are stored.
  14. Enjoy… Keep in mind the app is a battery drainer.

Some useful links:


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