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IPV4 vs IPV6

IPv6 is here to stay like it or not. Here are the basic differences. Some of the finer points are for the technically inclined. Enjoy…

Source and destination addresses are 32 bits (4 bytes) in length. Source and destination addresses are 128 bits (16 bytes) in length.
IPSec support is optional. IPSec support is required.
IPv4 header does not identify packet flow for QoS handling by routers. IPv6 header contains Flow Label field, which identifies packet flow for QoS handling by router.
Both routers and the sending host fragment packets. Only the sending host fragments packets; routers do not.
Header includes a checksum. Header does not include a checksum.
Header includes options. All optional data is moved to IPv6 extension headers.
Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) uses broadcast ARP Request frames to resolve an IP address to a link-layer address. Multicast Neighbor Solicitation messages resolve IP addresses to link-layer addresses.
Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) manages membership in local subnet groups. Multicast Listener Discovery (MLD) messages manage membership in local subnet groups.
ICMP Router Discovery is used to determine the IPv4 address of the best default gateway, and it is optional. ICMPv6 Router Solicitation and Router Advertisement messages are used to determine the IP address of the best default gateway, and they are required.
Broadcast addresses are used to send traffic to all nodes on a subnet. IPv6 uses a link-local scope all-nodes multicast address.
Must be configured either manually or through DHCP. Does not require manual configuration or DHCP.
Uses host address (A) resource records in Domain Name System (DNS) to map host names to IPv4 addresses. Uses host address (AAAA) resource records in DNS to map host names to IPv6 addresses.
Uses pointer (PTR) resource records in the IN-ADDR.ARPA DNS domain to map IPv4 addresses to host names. Uses pointer (PTR) resource records in the IP6.ARPA DNS domain to map IPv6 addresses to host names.
Must support a 576-byte packet size (possibly fragmented). Must support a 1280-byte packet size (without fragmentation).



Top 10 iPad App (Essentials)…

I have been using the iPad for a while now & the experience keeps getting more awesome every day. After it was launched the iPad didn’t have many native Apps (apart from the regular Apple apps) a thing which has changed over the course of the year. Apple has made it easier for the developers to make universal Apps & thus we see the explosion of iPad Apps in the market. Now there’s an App for anything & everything. The iPad has changed the way we look at tablets and most of its success goes to the millions of useful( and some not so useful) Apps out there. I thought I would share some of the Apps I use on a regular basis…

10 ) IM+ (Free)

We all have our contacts scattered across different instant messaging services & using a different client for each one is a big pain. On the Mac/PC there are several great options to do so like Trillian, Digsby, Adium and so on. IM+ bring all the features of a regular multi-messenger to a portable platfom. With IM+ you will stay connected to your friends, family and business contacts anytime and anywhere. All-in-one communication tool at your fingertips, plus text, voice, video and picture messages for free. And most importantly its FREE (well at least the basis version which has most of the features is). The App is not a port of the iPhone version & beings a fresh new interface design to the iPad.

9 ) xbmc (Free, Requires Jailbreak)

xbmc is a great App for all your Media needs. Tired of converting media and putting it on your iPad. Well with xbmc you can access all your videos & music without any transfer. It uses UPnP streaming to stream all your favorite content to your iPad & does a great job at it. Check out my previous post on how to set up xbmc on your iPad.

8 ) Files Connect (Paid)

Transferring via iTunes is a big “PAIN”. You need to drag & drop select files to select Apps to open them. Files Connect offers a solution to this & so much more. Just download the App, enable sharing on your Mac/PC and you are done. You can copy files to & from your iPad with a few clicks. It offers you to create folders & organize your content. The best thing I like about this App is that it gives you the option to open the file you just copied with any App on your iPad that supports that particular file format. It also gives you a neat preview of the file( if its a pdf or a doc file). You also get the option of connecting with your Dropbox, SugarSync & GoogleDocs account from within the App for easy transfers. This is one of those Apps which lets you do it all.

7 ) Opera mini (Free)

Opera mini has been around for a long time for the iPhone & iPod touch. Recently a new revamped version has been released specially keeping the iPad in mind. Opera fans will feel right at home & people who use firefox or chrome on their desktop or laptop will get a refreshing change from the default Safari. The browser claims to be aroung 6 times faster & performs reasonably well on slow networks. The settings tab has an “image quality” option which changed to help load graphic intensive sites faster on a slow connection ( It actually works). Other features include tabbed browsing( way better than Safari), bookmark sync, a quick share option etc.. One option which i dearly missed is Opera Turbo but I guess it will be added in subsequent releases.

6 ) WinterBoard (Free, Requires Jailbreak)

All of us are big fans of customization. This is one app which lets you apply custom themes to your iPad (yes who can make you iPad look like the “HELM controls of USS Enterprise”). You can choose from thousands of custom themes and tweak each setting to your delight. If you need to make your iPad look cooler than your neighbor’s than this is the App for you.

5) Stanza

A lot of us use the iPad as an e-book reader i.e. a Kindle or Nook substitute. Although you won’t get the strain free feel of an e-ink display most reader Apps do the job pretty well. Where Stanza stands out is its ability to combine a simple reading interface with a lot of customizations. You can customize the background theme (like change the paper type ), the fonts and a whole lot more. A huge selection of e-books are available for download free of cost from sources like Project Gutenberg. It does PDFs well too. And yeah one more thing, its much easier on the battery the google reader or kindle reader.

Joke of the day…

Three guys go in for a job interview, all at the same office. The first one goes in for his interview and the interviewer says, “What’s the first thing you see when you look at me?” The guy says, “That’s not too hard, you’ve got no ears.” The interviewer says, “That’s it, get out, you’ll never be seen around here again.” The second man takes his turn and is asked the same question. The applicant replies, “Uh, you’ve got no ears.” The interviewer throws the guy out, cursing and yelling that he’ll never get a job with his company. As he is leaving, the second guy warns the third guy, “Listen man, whatever you do, don’t say he hasn’t got any ears. He’s so touchy with the ear thing.” “Okay,” said man #3 on his way into the office. Once inside he is told, “Name the first thing you notice when you look at me.” The guy answers, “That’s easy, you wear contacts.” The interviewer was flabbergasted, “How on earth did you know that, son?” “What? Are you stupid? You can’t wear glasses, you’ve got no ears!”

Joke of the day…

A man and his wife were sitting in the living room discussing a “Living Will”
“Just so you know, I never want to live in a vegetative state, dependent on some machine
and fluids from a bottle. If that ever happens, just pull the plug.”

His wife got up, unplugged the TV and threw out all the beer.

How to Speed up Firefox 4.0: Tweaks & Tricks…

I feel the need… the need for SPEED…

type “about:config” in the address bar of your firefox

nglayout.initialpaint.delay = 0 integer
content.notify.interval = 500000
content.notify.ontimer = true Boolean value
content.max.tokenizing.time = 1500000
(default value: triple the value ofcontent.notify.interval)

content.interrupt.parsing = true
content.switch.threshold = 500000 integer (default:750000)
content.maxtextrun : 8191
content.notify.backoffcount : 5 = true Boolean value

layout.word_select.eat_space_to_next_word = false Boolean value

network.http.max-connections = 48 integer (default:30)
network.http.max-connections-per-server = 16 integer (default:15)
network.http.max-persistent-connections-per-server = 8 integer (default:6)
network.http.request.max-start-delay = 0 integer (default:10)
network.http.pipelining = true Boolean value (default:false)
network.http.pipelining.maxrequests = 8 integer (default:4)

network.prefetch-next = false Boolean value (default:true)
browser.cache.memory.enable = true Boolean value
browser.cache.memory.capacity = 1 GB RAM – 18432
2 GB RAM – 24576
4 GB RAM – 30720

browser.sessionhistory.max_entries = 5 (default:50)
browser.sessionhistory.max_total_viewers = 0 (zero) to disable session history.
This will reduce your Ram consumption by a 50%.
config.trim_on_minimize = true Boolean value
signed.applets.codebase_principal_support : true (default:false)
plugin.expose_full_path : true (default:false)
ui.submenuDelay = 0 (zero)

network.http.keep-alive = true (it is the default value)
network.http.keep-alive.timeout = 600 (default: 115 on XP)
network.dnsCacheExpiration = 3600
network.dnsCacheEntries = 1000

restart your firefox and feel the speed faster than a speeding bullet…

Converting Photos to Sketches for free…

Not all of us are photoshop gurus & sometimes need an easier alternative. In this post I will discuss quick & easy photo manipulation techniques, be it applying filters or removing a Red Eye. I will keep adding to the post as the discover more ways to do so. You are more than welcome to share any tricks & know-hows.

linesmART ( Mac OSX only – freeware)

This is one of the most awesome ways to quickly give your photos a make over. This tool can give your photos a painting or sketch effect. Great for converting those simple landscape shots into something amazing. Great for family photos too. There are five paramaters to tinker with: Intensity, Exposure, Saturation, Contrast & Brightness. So start tinkering and get those awesome results in no time.

Check this out. With linesmART you can cook something similar in a manner on minutes.

pixlr-o-matic (cloud)

Pixlr offers an online photo-editing tool which is pretty good but what they also offer is an awesome filter tool which allows you to add about a “MILLION” effects to your photos with a few simple clicks. Remember the photo apps we use to have on our camera phones with which we could put our friends face on the cover of TIME or put them behind bars. Well this is that and much more. Simply upload the photo, chose the filters which are pre-divided into sets & let it work its magic.

Oops you are pregnant…[XKDC]