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Converting Photos to Sketches for free…

Not all of us are photoshop gurus & sometimes need an easier alternative. In this post I will discuss quick & easy photo manipulation techniques, be it applying filters or removing a Red Eye. I will keep adding to the post as the discover more ways to do so. You are more than welcome to share any tricks & know-hows.

linesmART ( Mac OSX only – freeware)

This is one of the most awesome ways to quickly give your photos a make over. This tool can give your photos a painting or sketch effect. Great for converting those simple landscape shots into something amazing. Great for family photos too. There are five paramaters to tinker with: Intensity, Exposure, Saturation, Contrast & Brightness. So start tinkering and get those awesome results in no time.

Check this out. With linesmART you can cook something similar in a manner on minutes.

pixlr-o-matic (cloud)

Pixlr offers an online photo-editing tool which is pretty good but what they also offer is an awesome filter tool which allows you to add about a “MILLION” effects to your photos with a few simple clicks. Remember the photo apps we use to have on our camera phones with which we could put our friends face on the cover of TIME or put them behind bars. Well this is that and much more. Simply upload the photo, chose the filters which are pre-divided into sets & let it work its magic.


How to choose between Flickr & Picasa…

Need to host & share images ? Can’t decide which service to use ? Look no further…

Ok I might be a little partial towards Flickr because I have been using it for over a year with a fair deal of satisfaction. Still I will try to layout for you the hard facts and let you decide.

Flickr by yahoo

Fans of YAHOO ( if they exist) will surely go for this ( most people don’t know this service is by YAHOO).

  • Flickr makes it easy to organize your photos into different sets, tag them by topic or geographical location and order prints.
  • As a free member you can upload 100MB worth of pictures a month.
  • Monthly subscription is $2 and yearly subscription is $24.95 (as of May 2011) for unlimited upload.
  • Supports uploading videos.
  • Some user statistics
  • Add-Free surfing.

Picasa by google

Any one who has used a PC would have used the Picasa desktop app for organizing photos & do a little bit of editing. Mac users believe me its as great as iPhoto (maybe even better). But I feel differently about the cloud storage that they provide. Its got google backing it so space shouldn’t have been an issue but surprisingly it is. Most of us have gmail accounts with over 5GB or more of useless space lying around so why does google only offer 1GB of free space for non-paid picasa members is beyond me. Here’s a break up of all the features ( and also the ones that are missing).

  • 1GB for free loader( like me).
  • $5 for 20 GB for a year & $20 for 80 GB  (Please go see the rest of the price listings yourselves).
  • Good user interface (Simpler).
  • No integration with iPhoto.
  • No good apps for iOS devices(yet).
  • No option for Unlimited Storage ( for those busy little photoshoppers while others might never need this).
  • Add free (mostly).

So u decide…

More info on image quality and other facts coming soon…